April Fool's! Celebrities use Twitter to Prank

April 1, 2011 By:
April Fool's! Celebrities use Twitter to Prank

I have no idea how to get into someone’s Twitter account, but unless Nicole Richie has turned into a computer genius, it’s not that hard.

Celebs have been posting some pretty uncharacteristic (and pretty uncouth) stuff all day long. Let’s take a look at some celebrity tweets and find out who-hacked-who, or if the joke’s on us.

· Kim Kardashian: “I just peefed but no one heard me! I know it smells like old peaches but should I say it was me? Dear peefe... don't sneak out again!” And there goes my lunch. Judging from Kim’s other tweets, it looks like her account was hacked by boyfriend Kris Humphries, though some reports are claiming it’s Nicole Richie. There’s a ton of other ridiculous tweets on Kim’s page. Mostly fart and penis related.

· Ryan Seacrest: “Mice are ssso tasssty. Oops. Darn it. Yes, it’s still me @BronxZoosCobra.” For those who haven’t heard, after the Bronx Zoo lost a Cobra this week, someone set up a Twitter account for the little guy, and he’s been leaving tweets like, “Does anyone know if the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle sells organic mice?” Today, BronxZoosCobra claimed to have taken over Seacrest’s page, and indeed, Seacrest’s feed has been overwhelmed with snake-related Tweets. His picture was also replaced with a picture of a snake. I think. I really can’t tell, they look the same to me.

· Joe Jonas: “I just broke my leg…” Shortly after, he revealed it was an April Fool’s joke. Good one, Jonas. You might as well reveal that your heterosexual relationship with female Ashley Greene was an April Fool’s joke, too.

· Ciara: “3months pregnant:(…whats a girl to do??...this is going to be hard:(no more spanx:(“ I have to admit, when I first read that, I thought Ciara was actually Charo (aka the 60 year-old “coochie coochie” dancer). That would’ve been a lot funnier. A lot more disturbing, but a lot funnier, too.

· Khloe Kardashian: “My poops are in the shape of Ks”. Poop just never ceases to lose it’s comedic edge, does it? Also included in Khloe’s April 1 Twitter feed is, “If no one was there to hear me qu—f, did it really exist?” and “I DON’T CRAP…I KRAP!” Kardashian is taking the prank pretty well, saying “Whoever [hacked] is really clever with these tweets! I wish I pooped Ks!” Uh, why?

Happy April, everybody! Don’t be anyone’s fool. It results in being pitied by Mr. T.