Kim K's New Bracelet Costs A Year's Pay

January 25, 2013 By:
Kim K's New Bracelet Costs A Year's Pay
Image By: Instagram

Kanye West recently gifted his girlfriend Kim Kardashian a $200,000 set of Cartier bracelets because when you’re as rich as Kanye, a mid-week Cartier gift is the lay persons equivalent of “hey, I brought you home a cookie.”

Kim: Why the expensive ice Kanye?

Kanye: Uhh, it’s Friday?

Kim tweeted out a picture of the bling and we have to admit, it’s NICE. That’s rapper bling, yo. 

That being said, $200,000 on some bracelets? Really? Apparently the gold chain bracelet on the far right costs $65,000 alone! Cut off her wrist and you can fund a high-school principal’s salary for a year with just ONE of the bracelets!

That got us thinking, which yearly salaries couldn't even pay for Kim's bracelets? I would round up careers with $200,000 salaries and compare it to the cost of Kim's entire wrist bling, but let's be real, this is America, nobody makes that much money! So, what kind of salaries could be subsidized by just ONE of Kim's bracelets? 

Microbiologist: The people who work in labs and study the growth, development and other characteristics of microscopic organisms like bacteria, algae, and fungi have $65K salaries. Translation: SMART PEOPLE JOB! They make in ONE YEAR what Kanye dropped on a bracelet in one second.

Registered Nurse: Do I need to explain to you what a nurse is? The people who take care of you! The people who change bedpans and are a doctor’s right-hand-man have a salary equal to that of Kim’s bracelet. YOU DO THE MATH!

Financial Advisor: It’s not an accountant, it’s the person who tells you what to do with your money. You need a college degree and must be good with numbers and you’ll rake in a cool $65,000 OR you can JUST DATE KANYE!

School Principal: The person responsible for the management and well being of an entire school full of children make in one year what Kim K wears on her wrist! DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU!

Prosthetist: A prosthetist is the person who designs artificial and prosthetic limbs. It’s basically a scientist AND a doctor. Hey, I know, why don’t you cut off Kim’s wrist and pocket that $65K of bling and then call the Prosthetist to put her hand back on! GREAT IDEA!