5 Fun Facts About Kim's New Fiance Kris Humphries

May 25, 2011 By:
5 Fun Facts About Kim's New Fiance Kris Humphries

For those of you, like me, that found yourself googling Kris Humphries this morning because you don’t know anything about sports or athletes until a celebrity marries one of them, look no further, here are 5 fun facts you didn’t know about Kim Kardashian's fiancé, NBA player, Kris Humphries.

1) He’s 6’9”. Let me put this in terms you’ll understand. Put Kim Kardashian in some Christian Louboutin’s, stand her on a table, and put baby nephew Mason on her shoulders. Then, she’ll reach approximately Kris’s shoulder.

2) He’s having the best year ever! His per game points and rebounds have increased on average since he began dating Kim. In his 7th year as a pro ball player he is having his best year yet. Coincidence or the Kardashian effect? And yes, I just created a new phrase called the Kardashian effect.

3) His zodiac sign is Aquarius, which happens to be very compatible with Kim’s Libra sign! According to this sketchy horoscope website I stumbled upon, “Aquarians are the zodiac's most mysterious and unusual people - and no two are anything alike.” If that wasn’t the vaguest thing you’ve ever read, skip to the nature paragraph.

4) He tweets! Like all celebrities, Kris also wants you to follow his daily activities in 140 characters or less! Although he has not officially tweeted the engagement details, most of his tweets are about eating, working out, taking naps, and basketball.

5) He’s hot! Is it just me, or does he look like a cross between Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner? He totally does, right? If he ever retires from Basketball, I know of a vampire franchise that would love to have him.