The 10 Phases of Plastic Surgery Faces

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The 10 Phases of Plastic Surgery Faces
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The problem with plastic surgery in Hollywood is that after years of Botox, filler, facelifts and cheek implants, everyone eventually ends up looking like identical, puffy, amorphous blobs of plastic nothingness.

The first time you get plastic surgery it starts off like this:

Twenty-something girl experimenting with Botox around her frown lines and forehead.

OR this

Twenty-something girl experiments with WAY too much Botox around her frown lines, forehead and everywhere else.

But then in your thirties it starts to look like this

Thirty-something girl has been using Botox for a decade and has that perpetually alert look of someone that’s been cryogenically frozen.

But then the effects of aging start to set in...

And scary clown face starts to come into play…


…scary tight skin takes over.

But then maybe you decide that your face is both frozen and plump enough…

and you just start focusing on the lips...

but eventually you gotta hit up the Juvederm again...

Because a puffy face is always better than wrinkles.

But then it’s time for your first facelift...

Because why the hell not?

Or maybe your third or fourth facelift?

but eventually…

…all plastic surgery comes to an unfortunate demise...


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