10 Celebrities Who Love to Splurge on Themselves

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10 Celebrities Who Love to Splurge on Themselves

There are two things wrong with the phrase, “It’s tough work being rich and famous.” I don’t know of anyone that’s ever said that, but if they did, they’d have a hard time convincing the masses on the “tough” and “work” parts…

We follow the lives of the wealthy, fabulous, and the annoyingly fortunate individuals of the spotlight for one reason: to live vicariously through them.

Some selected celebs make this experience particularly exciting due to their excessive need to spend excessively on themselves. Here are a few of our favorites with examples…

1. Kim Kardashian: Yes, she’s an easy pick for this category. From her constant “me”-centric tweets, to her lush lifestyle, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a celeb more self-obsessed than Kim K. A good example of this is a $325K Ferrari 458 Italia from Plantinum Motorsport that she gifted to herself in 2011. 

2. Charlie Sheen: There’s no question that Charlie Sheen’s made some bad spending decisions to feed his bachelor lifestyle in the past. But no purchases are quite as tacky as the $25,000 Barbie foosball table he bought for his pad. Yes, it’s pink…

3. Justin Bieber: With an adult bank account and a teenage sense of responsibility, there’s no doubt Justin’s spending has a tendency to get out of hand. We see this in his transportation devices—a Ducati motorcycle, a chromed-out Fisker Karma, a Mercedes bus… Also, there was that $25,000 necklace of Stewie from “Family Guy” he bought for himself...

4. Beyoncé: The queen of hip-hop has money to burn. She’s proven this time and time again with her $2 million Bugatti and her $100,000 leggings that she bought…Girl’s got to be comfy, right? 

5. Lady Gaga: Despite how much I searched to prove that this was fake, it seems as though—somehow—this is a real story. Lady Gaga splurges on herself in a new way: She bought a $50,000 ghost detecting machine and she carries it with her wherever she goes to help with her fear of ghosts…yeah.

6. Kim Basinger: Probably the most bizarre buy on this list, the actress purchased a small Georgia town along with a group of investors for $20 million. If that’s not splurging, I don’t know what is.

7. Bono: The U2 artist once paid $1,700 for a first class plane ticket, not for himself, but for his hat. I only wish I was kidding here. The frontman left his favorite headgear behind in London and paid top dollar to get it back to him in Italy.

8. Victoria Beckham: The Spice Girl-turned-fashionista once bought a $35,000 24-karat gold iPhone 4 case for her smartphone. Now that the iPhone 5 has been released, that same case is worth virtually nothing. 

9. Daniel Radcliffe: The Harry Potter vet spent $17,000 on a single mattress in the past, just to help with his sleeping situation. For that many zeros it should come stuffed with dollar bills…

10. Ben Affleck: The actor/director/producer reportedly dished out $2,500 for a bath rug while filming in Afghanistan. But this isn’t some touch screen, heated, massager bathmat that you’d expect for the price…it’s just a terry cloth mat that a pushy sales guy urged him to get. No returns!

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