Samantha Ready for Babies in Sex and the City Sequel

September 7, 2009 By:
Samantha Ready for Babies in Sex and the City Sequel

Samantha Jones the mother? Who would have thought!? Kim Cattrall's character will reportedly try to get pregnant in the Sex and the City sequel.

According to reports, Cattrall was spotted carrying around a script for the highly anticipated sequel, which revealed that Samantha will take testosterone hormones, which are sometimes taken to help women conceive.

In one scene between Samantha and her assistant Meghan, Samantha reportedly knocks over a container of hormones and asks Meghan to run out and get her some more.

Samantha tells her: “I'm going to need you to go on a testosterone run.”
Meghan replies: “I'll do it first thing tomorrow.” However, Samantha is not impressed and snaps back: “I'll call the pharmacy and tell them you are on your way.”

It's hard to imagine Samantha with any kind of maternal instincts. We put her in the 'she's never having babies' folder and filed it away. It's certainly going to add an interesting twist to the plot line. What do you think of the possibility of Samantha becoming a mother?