Kim Cattrall Strips in the Name of Art

November 25, 2008 By:
Kim Cattrall Strips in the Name of Art

Kim Cattrall has stripped, all in the name of art. The cougar-licious Cattrall posed half-naked recently in a bid to keep a famous Renaissance painting in England.

For the project, Kim posed in a photo remake of Italian classic painting Diana and Actaeon in order to raise awareness for Britain’s National Galleries’ campaign.

The painting is owned by the Duke of Sutherland, who gave gallery officials until December 8th to raise money to buy the artwork, or he’d sell it to foreign bidders.

Kim’s hoping her nude stunt will help raise the money. She says seeing the painting is “like being in the presence of genius.” The Daily Mirror has a side-by-side picture of the original and Kim’s version. Click HERE to see more!