Drunk Kid Rock Wanted to Eat a Dolphin

January 15, 2008 By:
Drunk Kid Rock Wanted to Eat a Dolphin

Is it just me or does rocker Kid Rock get stranger and stranger every day? Kid confesses that he once got so drunk he considered eating a dolphin!

Kid went snorkeling after a night of heavy drinking and threatened to eat a dolphin as a result of a bad hangover, but fortunately it "didn't go down too well."

He says, "We had radios in the water and I kept radioing down "F**k this, let's catch one of those f**kin' dolphins and eat it. "It didn't go down well."

I like to cure a hangover with aspirin and water but I guess that makes me boring. Who goes snorkeling with a hangover anyway? The town must have been short on waffle houses.