Why Khloe Kardashian May Forgive Lamar Odom

October 8, 2013 By:
Why Khloe Kardashian May Forgive Lamar Odom
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Khloe Kardashian is sounding off online today and it’s of course about the biggest Kardashian drama of the summer—that’d be the one involving her rocky marriage to Lamar Odom amid drug and cheating rumors.

As the weeks go by and the frustration mounts, Khloe’s online messages are becoming a lot less cryptic and more straightforward.

Take these two for example:





But none were clearer than this final comment:



Aside from being the most emotional stream-of-conscious diatribe from the reality TV star, it’s also her most vexed and exasperated. The youngest Kardashian sister oscillates between not minding the reports whatsoever to zeroing in intensely on all the rumors. There’s no in-between.

If history repeats itself, we’ll be sure to get another unexpected heart to heart with Khloe via Twitter, right after a handful of tweets about eating salads, her sisters Kim and Kourtney, and the miracle that is a chai latte.