Lamar’s Desperate Anniversary Plea to Khloe

September 27, 2013 By:
Lamar’s Desperate Anniversary Plea to Khloe

Today is Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s fourth wedding anniversary and it’s a fairly somber affair.

Amid all the drug and cheating rumors, the future looks grim for their relationship. But that’s only fueled Lamar to try and win Khloe over with a surprise anniversary gift.

According to TMZ’s Lamar connections, he plans to whisk her away to Santa Barbara today and present her with a wedding anniversary gift that’s “well over $100,000.”

However their Kardashian sources insist that Khloe isn’t doing anything with Lamar while he’s still abusing drugs, especially crack cocaine. People magazine insists however, that at this very moment, she hasn’t completely given up on their marriage. “She’s taking everything one day at a time and concentrating on herself,” a source said.

The only gift she really wants is for him to come to his senses, take control of his issues and check into rehab.

Otherwise there won’t be a fifth wedding anniversary to celebrate…that is, if a very conspicuous change on her Twitter indicates anything. The reality star has officially dropped the “Odom” from her account; she’s simply going by Khloé now.

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