Kris Jenner Plans Khloe and Lamar's Sex Life Too

April 27, 2011 By:
Kris Jenner Plans Khloe and Lamar's Sex Life Too

Kris Jenner is so involved in her daughter’s lives, she actually plans their sex life too!

Khloe Kardashian confessed her mom wants her to get pregnant so bad, she often calls with advice on different sex positions to try in the bedroom. Awkward calling on line one.

Khloe said: "My family would love me to have a baby, but my mom is completely obsessed… she calls me all the time with different sex positions to try, she's crazy. I have to keep reminding her that I'm her daughter, not a girlfriend."

And it gets worse.

"Once, she asked my assistant to find out when I was ovulating. Mom had her call my gynecologist and then told me to plan a time to have sex with my husband.

But having Khloe schedule sex with Lamar isn’t going to help her become a grandmother again anytime soon.

She added to Reveal magazine: "We do want kids but we've only been married for 18 months. We're not doing anything to not have a baby, but planned sex is not sexy. We don't do that."

Well a Kardashian baby is great for ratings. And I bet Khloe and Lamar’s baby would be so damn adorable, she just wants another grandchild.