Khloe Prays that Kim Stays Single

April 14, 2010 By:
Khloe Prays that Kim Stays Single

How times have changed! Khloe Kardashian is now the married one, while her sister Kim Kardashian is newly single! And if Khloe has any say in the matter, it’ll stay that way!

She appeared on the Today show this morning and told the hosts she thinks it really is over between Kim and Reggie Bush. But she explains, “It’s not anything bad. I was just talking to Reggie yesterday on the phone. I think that they were like, ‘I think it’s just time to move on.’”

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“It was never anything bad,” Khloe stressed, putting those cheating rumors to rest. “I like that they are ending on a good note, because we were so close to him.”

As for Kim’s future, Khloe would like to see her sis stay single for the time being. “I pray she stays single,” Khloe said.”Kim goes from one relationship to the next.”

Khloe thinks Kim and Reggie have run their course, and that they won’t try and get back together a third time. As for her marriage to Lamar Odom, she seems ready for the basketball season to be over!

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"We're just excited for it all to be over. We haven't even had a honeymoon yet. We're excited to take two weeks, go out of the country, leave our cell phones behind..." she says. "We want to be with each other."

Check out the rest of Khloe’s interview below!