Khloe: Kim Wishes She Was Married Like Me

May 1, 2011 By:
Khloe: Kim Wishes She Was Married Like Me

When Khloe Kardashian married Lamar Odom after just a month of dating, older sister Kim took it really hard.

Kim had just broken up with boyfriend Reggie Bush after three years of dating, wanted nothing more than to get married, and got a bad wake up call when Khloe got engaged.

Khloe said: “I think it was hard for Kim when I got married.
It was a wake-up call for her. It wasn’t jealousy as such – it was more, ‘Oh my God, my little sister is getting married.’ I was in a place she wanted to get to. It made her reflect a lot.”

The night of the wedding Kim rushed to the airport and flew to see Reggie. They got back together, but split for good a few months later.

Kim has been really verbal about how much she wants to get married. She recently confessed that she already has her entire wedding, including the dress, planned.

So was she jealous of Khloe’s marriage? Not really.
Khloe explained, “The envy between my sisters and me is totally hyped up. We all want each other to be happy and successful. We’re each other’s biggest fans. We’re tight.”

Kim is now dating Kris Humphries from the New Jersey Knicks, and is hoping that ring she’s been waiting for for years is finally on its way.

It was pretty obvious that Khloe rubbed her sudden marriage in Kim’s face when she first got engaged. Khloe is jealous of Kourtney because she’s a mom. Kim is jealous of Khloe because she’s married. And the entire world is jealous of their $65 million dollar fortune. Goes to show you--money can't buy you everything.