Khloe Kardashians’ Tacky Selfies During Lamar’s Drug Scandal

September 6, 2013 By:
Khloe Kardashians’ Tacky Selfies During Lamar’s Drug Scandal

Khloe Kardashian is the best wife ever. (NOT!)

Lamar Odom may or may not be missing or in rehab or smoking crack in a hotel somewhere, and what does Khloe do about it?

She posts sexy selfies on Instagram, natch.

Why is Khloe posting Klassless photos of her sexy pout on Instagram when her husband may or may not be lying in a ditch with a crack pipe somewhere? If she's trying to show us how "strong" and "not affected by the drama" she is, this ISN'T the way to do it. How about an inspirational quote or something instead?

Here is just a sampling of the photos Khloe posted since news broke that her hubby has a huge drug problem.

Two days after the scandal broke, Khloe posted this photo. Sexy or selfish?

She then posted this kissy-face photo with her sister Kourtney, where she’s trying to show us that she’s still wearing her ring, but why not do it while you’re NOT making a sexy kissy-face?

And then she posted this photo with the Mean Girls reference, “OMG you can totally not sit with us,” because she’s cool and casual and totally doesn’t care that her hubby is missing!

And then she posted another “sexy” single-eye photo because WHATEVER.

And then she went to Katy Perry’s pool party and got all side-thigh on us.

And finally, today, in the aftermath of Lamar’s is-he-or-isn’t-he-in-rehab drama, Khloe posted this photo with a phallic oversized lipstick and the hashtag, #BigHairDontCare.