Khloe Kardashian Having Trouble Getting Pregnant

September 29, 2010 By:
Khloe Kardashian Having Trouble Getting Pregnant

Khloe Kardashian just celebrated her one year anniversary with husband Lamar Odom, and things seem to be going great for them, except for the fact that she can’t get pregnant.

In a new interview with Life & Style, Khloe admits it’s been harder than she thought to conceive, but she enjoys the “practice.”

“I thought I'd be pregnant by now,” Kardashian tells the mag. “We've been working at it all year.

“Getting pregnant is much harder than we thought - but practicing making babies is amazing!"

The two have reportedly started using a fertility monitor so they know when Khloe is ovulating and what the optimum time is to try.

A source said: “Khloe's been using the monitor for about a month now. They're trying more actively than ever before. Lamar is very serious about it.”

We can’t wait to see little Khloe and Lamars running around! We’d much rather see them have a baby than Kourtney and Scott!