Kevin Jonas Left Snubbed Fan Waiting In The Rain?

December 4, 2012 By:
Kevin Jonas Left Snubbed Fan Waiting In The Rain?

Did Kevin Jonas leave a crying fan waiting on the curb for an autograph while he jumped into his getaway vehicle? Yeah, but not intentionally.

TMZ has video of the Jonas bro pulling out of a Hollywood restaurant with his wife and one lone fan is left in the dust, crying her eyes out. All she wanted was a photo and a hug and she was left with rain and emptiness.

BUT WAIT! A source close to the actor told Hollyscoop exclusively, “Kevin did in fact take pics with fans, in the rain, as they got into the car. This particular fan just got missed by chance -- nothing intentional.”

I knew a Jonas would NEVER diss a fan on purpose. “These are some of the sweetest guys and are so appreciative of their fans,” adds the source.

The Jonas Bro source says that the camera men were yelling too loud, things were getting chaotic, and he just happened to miss that one fan.

However, another video shows the girl getting a photo with brother Nick Jonas, but unfortunately Kevin was her favorite. Hey, one Jonas is better than none.