Kevin Jonas: It Would Be Incredible to Be a Dad

September 23, 2009 By:
Kevin Jonas: It Would Be Incredible to Be a Dad

Kevin Jonas is still a few months away from tying the knot to his fiancé Danielle Deleasa, but he already has babies on his mind.

Kevin, who has vowed to remain a virgin until his wedding day, says he's really looking forward to starting a family with Danielle, but they're going to enjoy being a married couple for a few months before they start trying for a baby.

When asked if he has babies on his mind, Kevin said: "Definitely, for sure. It would be incredible to be a dad and raise a family. I hope to someday. But it won't be anytime soon."

Meanwhile, Kev asked both Joe and Nick Jonas to be his best men, while his soon to be wife Danielle has both her sisters as her maids of honor.

The big Jonas wedding is set to take place this winter and both Kevin and Danielle are so excited, they can hardly wait! "It still feels like a dream," Danielle recently said about being engaged to Kevin.

Kevin is just 21 years old and he's already getting married and talking about babies. Do you think he's jumping into marriage too quickly? Tell us your thoughts!