Kevin Federline Hospitalized After Suspected 'Minor Heart Attack'

January 23, 2012 By:
Kevin Federline Hospitalized After Suspected 'Minor Heart Attack'

While filming a weight loss show in Australia, Kevin Federline was rushed to the hospital.

Federline has been filming the show Excess Baggage when he began having chest pains. Which doesn’t surprise me, because if you’ve seen any of these weight loss shows, they’re ridiculous. They expect these poor, fat people to do things that normal-weighing, healthy people probably couldn’t do. Then again, I’m out of breath walking up a flight of stairs so maybe I’m not the best judge.

Anyway, spokesperson for the Australian channel that broadcasts the show explained:

“Kevin was at Doonside with the [Giants], completing an AFL-related challenge. He did his challenge, which was running and catching the ball, then while his [in-series weight-loss partner] was taking the same challenge, he reported chest pains and a racing heart. Obviously on this show we have a lot of paramedics on standby and they treated him for the first signs of a minor cardiac arrest, called an ambulance and had him taken to hospital.”

Turns out it wasn’t a heart attack--K. Fed just got tired.  Doctors made him take  an ECG test, and they discovered it wasn't cardiac arrest, a heart attack or anything along those lines.

“They want to do blood tests and he is likely to be there until at least late Monday.”

Do they have blood test results that read: “He was just too f-cking tired”?

I mean, start these people off slow, then build up to running five miles nonstop uphill carrying forty pounds on your head. Start off with jump rope or something. Dedicate a show to trying to touch your toes. Baby steps.