K-Fed Shooting Reality Show in Vegas

July 31, 2009 By:
K-Fed Shooting Reality Show in Vegas

Kevin Federline is going from desperate househusband to reality show star.

K-Fed is currently in sin city Las Vegas filming his new reality VH1 reality show. He arrived with his girlfriend Victoria Prince to start shooting scenes, but Britney Spears and the kids were nowhere in sight.

The show filmed K-Fed starting the afternoon at the Hard Rock Beach Pool Club, relaxing before he hit up Wasted Space later on. K-Fed and friends arrived at the Hard Rock on Thursday around 5 p.m., stopping by the pool with camera crew in tow.

After filming a quick scene, he left and returned later that night for a party in Wasted Space. Joined by his new girlfriend Victoria Prince and 13 of their friends, observers said a “noticeably heavier” Federline sipped Grey Goose vodka and Red Bulls from the comped bottle service and then decided to stiff their servers.

According to Hollyscoop sources, he refused to pose for photos because he was drunk.

So what's the show going to be about if it won't include Britney or the kids? It'll be about showcasing him as K-Dad.

“He has been through a lot over the years, but handled himself very well. He’s learned how to balance being a super single dad and the chaotic life of business, fame and fortune,” says a source. “He strives to be a good father.”

There have been conflicting reports in regards to whether or not his kids will be allowed to be on the show, and when Hollyscoop asked his rep, she had "no comment." Guess there are a lot of details that haven't been worked out yet.

Would you be interested in watching a reality show about K-Fed being a K-Dad? What if his kids and Britney never made a cameo?

Photos by Cody Boor