Naked Photos of Ke$ha Leak and No One Cares

December 14, 2010 By:
Naked Photos of Ke$ha Leak and No One Cares

Whenever there are rumors about leaked naked photos of celebs, people automatically start searching the Internet in hopes of finding them. Chances are no one wants to do that for this star.

A new set of pics of Ke$ha photographed in the midst of different sex acts have been leaked onto the net.

They are really not that exciting. In one photo she’s kissing some dude with a beard and the other photo shows the guy eating her pink taco.

Miley’s bong videos were definitely more exciting than Ke$ha’s naughty photos.

On to the next one…Who will be the next star to have naked photos of themselves “leaked” on the Internet? My guess is that Vanessa Hudgens may release round three of her naughty pics now that she's single.