Ke$ha Is Unrecognizable in Racy Photo Shoot

October 14, 2013 By:
Ke$ha Is Unrecognizable in Racy Photo Shoot
Image By: Instagram

Last week Ke$ha posted a very Ke$ha-esque photo of her a*s. When we say Ke$ha-esque we mean that there was ripped clothing, glitter and grossness involved.

Well Ke$ha is back and exposing her a*s again. This time though, she looks good. Well, as good as anyone flashing the Internet can look.

Ke$ha had some kind of log cabin Instagram photo shoot and posted these photos wearing a flannel shirt as a skirt and her shirt pulled up to expose the infamous underboob.

Of course, like most girls on the Internet who like to pretend they aren’t taking sexy selfies, Ke$ha captioned the butt-shot with, “It’s going down. I’m yelling #timber.”

Get it? Because, like, sexy lumberjacks?

Next time if Ke$ha rocks the sleek pony with more clothing, we will be all about it.