Ke$ha: There’s a Ghost in My Vagina

October 24, 2013 By:
Ke$ha: There’s a Ghost in My Vagina

Here’s a little story just in time for Halloween that we’d like to share with you about Ke$ha and the ghost that once lived in her vagina.

Yes, vagina, and no, it wasn’t a friendly ghost.

**throw handful of sand into a burning campfire “Are You Afraid of the Dark”-style**

Talking to Rolling Stone magazine, Ke$ha told this crazy story about how she was pretty much possessed (being followed non-stop rather) by negative spirits. The undead got so stalker on her living a*s, she had to have a psychic exorcise her.

Let’s follow a rundown of this anecdote in her own words:

“I know it sounds like the most ridiculous story, but I went to my healer that I go to whenever I’m at home, and she told me that because of my job, I exude energy. I exude light as a profession. You’re on stage and you’re just exuding.”

Still with us? Okay, good…

“Because I exude energy, dead entities cling to me. I had a spirit follow me into my house. You see it in the [reality] show. Things were flying off the shelf. That’s not bullsh*t, that really happened. So my healer, she had to literally give me an exorcism. I know that sounds crazy, but it worked.”

Catch that? Ke$ha’s saying she needed to have an exorcism…on her vagina. When asked about the exorcism of the unwanted specter from her nether region, she replied "Yes, my dry spell is over. It's no longer cock-blocking me."

Just don’t assume you’ll ever see it play out Paranormal Activity style on her reality series; she kicked out the camera crew, but here’s what went down.

“There’s a lot of screaming and grabbing energies and she was talking in tongues. She was speaking Latin or something, I’m not really sure. It was definitely another language, and she was making all sorts of crazy noises. At one point she started choking…Like she couldn’t breathe. It was super intense. I know you don’t believe me.”

Sleep well, everyone!