Ke$ha: I'm Not a Party Girl

March 8, 2010 By:
Ke$ha: I'm Not a Party Girl

Newcomer Ke$ha certainly has a lot to say! First slammed Britney Spears to the press, attacked her lip-synching, and now she claims she’s mislabeled by the industry.

Ke$ha spoke with Britain’s Sunday Times and said she wants “a little more respect” from her peers, and also talked about how distorted her image has become already.

She told the paper, "So many people say, 'So, what, are you a party girl?' And I say, 'I'm a walking good time.' Do I sometimes go out and drink? Hell, yes. But could I have a number one song if I wasn't also working hard? Maybe that needs a little more respect. Also, the phrase 'party girl' implies someone who is out at a club, maybe doing some guy in the back who you've just met. Then you get in your car and you flash your vagina at the paparazzi. And I'm none of the above."

She continued, "I have been working on realizing this dream, my path, my mission, for years. I've really invested a lot of thought, time and effort into it. The last thing that makes me is a victim. I think it's a bummer when people don't represent that properly, when they portray me as purely one-dimensional."

This comes from a girl who constantly talks about the “party not stopping,” Jack Daniels, and skipping straight to sex without talking. We love Ke$ha’s music, but she needs to own it if she wants to be taken seriously. No one likes a complainer—she should just do her own thing without feeling she has to go on the defensive!