The 11 Intense Stages of ‘Scandal’ Withdrawals

January 28, 2014 By:
The 11 Intense Stages of ‘Scandal’ Withdrawals
Image By: ABC

"Scandal" has been off the air for what feels like an eternity at this point and we’re starting to feel the roller coaster of emotions that is an Olivia Pope-less existence.


1. Anxiety

Questions about "Scandal" cloud your judgment and make you doubt everything: Now that Jake is Command, how will this affect his relationship with Olivia? Will her mom ever return? Has Huck fallen off the deep end? Is it Thursday yet? Who am I?


2. Denial

You won’t even Google the return date for "Scandal" because you want to believe it could return any week.


3. Restlessness

But it won’t. As another week goes by without a new episode, it becomes too much, you have to know. That’s when you discover it won’t return to ABC until February 27th. Febru-effing-ary 27th.


4. Shock

You can’t believe it—that’s soooo many hours away from this moment; 720 hours to be exact, but it feels like 1,000,000.


5. Traumatized

The walls are collapsing all around you.



You’re crushed and need to let it out.


7. Isolation

You’ve become completely withdrawn. You can’t count on anyone, not even your closest friend. No more attending social gatherings for you because what’s a party if Olivia Pope isn’t attending anyway?


8. A Pain Like You’ve Never Felt Before That Defies Categorization

Wine is the only cure.


9. Annoyed

When you finally decide to engage with society again, everyone who isn’t Olivia Pope starts to get on your nerves because a) they’re not Olivia Pope and b) they’re not Olivia Pope.


10. Outrage

And if anyone gets in your way, you’ll handle it.


11. Depression

But don’t remain completely hopeless. In less than a month, "Scandal" will make its mid-season premiere and all will become balanced in the universe again!