Why Kendra's Not Invited to Hef's Wedding

April 1, 2011 By:
Why Kendra's Not Invited to Hef's Wedding

In just a couple of months Hugh Hefner will crawl walk down the aisle with his fiance Crystal Harris, but there are no ex girlfriends allowed.

Kendra Wilkinson is pissed off that she hasn't gotten an invite to Hef's wedding yet, considering she had her own wedding at his house and had him give her away.

She told ‘E! News’: “If I don't get a save the date, I have another wedding to attend that same day. I got a save the date from one of my closest friends for that date.

“I'm planning on going to Hef's but I haven't gotten the save the date for that same date. I'm getting kind of antsy because I need to pick which wedding to go to."

Maybe the fact that Kendra hasn't gotten a save the date has something to do with the rumors of Crystal having an affair? Just a thought.