Video: "Kendra" Season 3 Preview

November 2, 2010 By:

We know how much you all love Kendra Wilkinson, and you’re about to see a whole lot more of her!

The former Girl Next Door is back in action with her third season of Kendra on E! And by the looks of this sneak peek, she’s happier than ever!

Kendra Wilkinson Claims to Love Her Long Distance Marriage

Kendra seems to have found her groove as wife to Hank Baskett and mommy to Hank Jr.

But with all that happiness, of course there has to be some drama too! As you may already know, Hank has been passed around to more NFL teams than an actual football in recent months, and it’s clearly taking its toll on Kendra.

Can their marriage survive it?? Tune in November 7 at 10PM on E! to find out!