Kendra's Sex Tapes: The More the Merrier

May 10, 2010 By:
Kendra's Sex Tapes: The More the Merrier

Wow Kendra Wilkinson must have been really desperate to release a juicy sex tape because we're now hearing she had multiple partners in the tapes.

According to new documents obtained by Radaronline, Kendra is featured doing the dirty with more than one man. And as we previously reported, there was more than one sex tape being shopped around.

Kendra Exposed: She Has More Than One Sex Tape

Kendra is threatening to sue over the release of a sex tape she made when she was 18, but Vivid plans on releasing at least one tape by the end of the month.

Kendra obviously made the tapes before she gained fame on 'Girls Next Door' but she reportedly had a hand in trying to release them in 2008. Her people shopped the tape around and she was reportedly going to sign off on the release if she was given final editing on the tape.

She had a change of heart about releasing the tape because of her relationship to now husband Hank Baskett, but it's too late now. Kendra Exposed will be playing on a computer screen near you by late May. Such a shame!