Kendra's First Paycheck from Sex Tape: $680,000!

May 24, 2010 By:
Kendra's First Paycheck from Sex Tape: $680,000!

Kendra Wilkinson's sex tape hasn't been released yet and she's already making bank!

Kendra has reportedly received a $680,000 check from pre-sales of Kendra Exposed. According to Radaronline, she's also going to get 50% of the sales when the video gets released.

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

And get this--there's more Kendra sex tapes on the way! There's reportedly 20 tapes and tens of hours of XXX content of Kendra and her ex boyfriend Justin Frye.

“There are hours of tape and it's all high quality, too,” one source told RadarOnline. “Justin was more than an amateur cameraman. He had experience filming street biking and this is some of the gnarliest tape footage in terms of quality that anybody has ever seen, ever."

Kendra and her husband Hank are reportedly on the rocks after news of the sex tape broke. Probably because she was shopping around the tape while she was engaged to be married to Hank. Do you think their marriage will survive this scandal? Tell us your thoughts!