Kendra's Fiance: Hef is 'Like a Father'

November 13, 2008 By:
Kendra's Fiance: Hef is 'Like a Father'

We thought it was strange when we heard that Hugh Hefner would be giving away his ex, Kendra Wilkinson, on her wedding day next year at the Playboy Mansion. Now it seems that Philadelphia Eagles star Hank Baskett went a step further by asking for Hef's blessing.

"Hef is like a father to her so he's going to be the one to give her away. That's why I wanted his blessings and her mom's blessing," he told an ABC affiliate in Philadelphia.

When asked what he loved most about Kendra, Hank said, "Kendra has one of the biggest hearts and that's one of the things that really drew me to her. Ever since I met her, this is the happiest I've ever been in my life. And every day she does something else that makes me fall in love with her."

The happy couple is planning to make it official with a wedding at the mansion on June 27, 2009.