Kendra Wilkinson's Husband Pushing for Next Baby

August 12, 2010 By:
Kendra Wilkinson's Husband Pushing for Next Baby

Kendra Wilkinson is ready for baby number two already!

Her life has literally been flipped upside down. But she’s loving her new life as wife to football player Hank Baskett and mommy to Hank Jr., even with all the moving around they’ve been doing the past year.

But it all must be working for them, since she and Hank are already planning on getting pregnant with their second baby! And get this—it was Hank’s idea!

The former Girl Next Door says her husband came to her and said, "I want you pregnant."

She tells E!, "Yeah, about baby No. 2, we're talking about it. Hank the other day just freaking called me and was like 'I want another baby. I want you pregnant.'”

She says she joked back, "I was like oh my God! I was like get Eddie, who is my assistant, on the phone right now with my OBGYN. I need an IUD put in now!"

But all joking aside, Kendra knows she wants to expand the family…just not quite yet. "I definitely want to try by next summer for sure," she says. "I want them close in age."

In fact, the proud mom says Hank Jr. is at a really fun age. “"Right now all his milestones are starting to happen.”

But she does remain nervous about the possibility of moving again, even though they did just settle down in Philadelphia. "Everything is up in the air. That's what's crazy about our lives…We just moved to Philly and anything is possible in the NFL. He can get cut tomorrow and be somewhere new."

For their sake, we hope they stay put for at least the whole season!