Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

May 27, 2010 By:
Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

The infamous Kendra Wilkinson sex tape was released yesterday and it is as juicy as everyone expected.

The tape features a very young Kendra in some very compromising positions. Let's just say she is the freak everyone thought she was while living at the Playboy mansion.

Meanwhile, Kendra spoke out about the sex tape saying that she was so disappointed and she does not want people to view her as a porn star.

It's sad that this all happened when she actually settled down and had a baby. The only thing that is so interesting is that she's reportedly making money from the sex tape. If you are so devastated, wouldn't you try to do everything in your power to stop it from being released?

Kendra is allegedly making 50% of all sales and she reportedly got a $680,000 check from pre-sales.