Kendra Wilkinson: Nicole Richie is my Role Model

October 24, 2009 By:
Kendra Wilkinson: Nicole Richie is my Role Model

Kendra Wilkinson has changed a lot since leaving the Playboy Mansion. The mommy-to-be has spoken up about her role model in life, who is also a Hollywood bad girl turned good.

In the new issue of In Touch, Kendra names Nicole Richie as her role model. She says, "I look up to Nicole. She is the girl that I mostly look up to because she is more like me. She gives me the feeling of, 'She did it and I can do it.' She makes me feel good about what she's accomplished."

They’ve certainly had similar stories; Nicole changed her partying ways after learning she was pregnant with Harlow. Kendra has also done a 180 after marrying Hank Baskett and getting pregnant with her first child.

"She went through the same stages in life that I went through. Drugs, alcohol, all of that," Kendra says. "It just makes me feel so good to see her go through that and then have two kids and be such a great mom."

We couldn’t agree more! Nicole is a great role model for young women. Now we just wish someone like Lindsay Lohan would also take note!