Kendra Wilkinson: My Marriage Isn’t 'Picture Perfect'

April 5, 2012 By:
Kendra Wilkinson: My Marriage Isn’t 'Picture Perfect'

Kendra Wilkinson is pretty brutally honest about everything, and now she’s admitting that her marriage isn’t without its problems.

“We seriously believe in love,” Kendra said. “It’s been almost three years, and we’re still strong. We want to be lifetime partners.”

Kendra admitted that she and husband Hank Baskett have considered couples counseling in the past, but I’m guessing the first session would’ve gone something like:

THERAPIST: You’re married to a Playboy bunny. Shut the hell up.

“Everything is not picture perfect,” Kendra said. “We have been through so many ups and downs. We’ve talked about couples therapy, but we can talk through anything. We put everything behind us - we are therapists to ourselves.”

Kendra insists that she and Hank refuse to even use the word “divorce” because it’s just not an option.

Kendra told ‘Star’: “We don’t even allow that word to exist. We’re hanging on there. We are looking at the longevity.”

Kendra says she thinks her “15 minutes of fame are up.” But she does have hopes for Hank, who has a budding career as a television presenter.
“Hank’s the smartest guy in the world,” Kendra said. Sorry, Carl Sagan.
“And he loves to host. He’s even taking hosting classes.”

But Kendra might not be giving herself enough credit. E! didn’t renew her reality series, Kendra, but the WE network has ordered Kendra back on TV with a new show--Kendra on Top. Basically, it chronicles her transition from ‘Playboy’ sex symbol to mother and wife.