Kendra Wilkinson Farts on Dancing With the Stars

May 4, 2011 By:
Kendra Wilkinson Farts on Dancing With the Stars

On last night's episode of Dancing With the Stars, Kendra Wilkinson let out a fart on National television.

During a montage for the aptly named "cha cha challenge", Kendra begins fanning her ass, and after an instructor asks, "Did you just fart?" Kendra giggles uncontrollably.

I personally had my money on Kirstie Alley being the first one to let 'er rip on air, because that's the only explanation for all that weight loss.

I'm sure everyone loves Kendra, she's just adorable, but I'll bet they're glad the stink bomb is gone. As for her elimination, Kendra says she was "glad" to go home.

"That's all I'm thinking about right now. Getting back to [my baby], picking him up from out of his crib and just eating him up."

"You can't get more glamorous than when you are on Dancing with the Stars. . . This is the one time I actually feel like Barbie and I act like Barbie."

I must have missed out on "Ripping Ass Barbie" when I was growing up.