Kendra Wilkinson Dancing With the Stars Bound

January 13, 2011 By:
Kendra Wilkinson Dancing With the Stars Bound

Kendra Wilkinson is in talks to join the next season of Dancing with the Stars, and I think she is just perfect for the show!

A show source tells E! News that Kendra is in negotiations with producers to join the show everyone wants to be on.

ABC apparently went after her first, and she then sat down to talk it over. "Her personality, combined with her ability to dance, is appealing," the source says.

There’s no contract in place just yet, but chances are she’ll do it! Fellow Girls Next Door co-star Holly Madison was on the show in 2009, and Kendra’s got a way bigger following than she does.

Kendra is just the right amount of trashy and hot mess combined with loveable to make her a perfect fit for DWTS. But just last year Kendra said she couldn’t do it.

"I just told my publicist, if I were asked to go on Dancing With the Stars, I don't think I'd do it," she told the Today Show at the time. "I would definitely say no to it, because I am that mom that wants to be there every step. I don't want to spend three months away from my baby. I just couldn't do it."

Well, seems like that problem has been solved, since she lives in LA again! Maybe Bristol Palin could give Kendra tips on how to balance DTWS and baby!

Would you root for Kendra on the show?