Kendra Thinks Sex Tape Made Her a Better Mom

June 9, 2010 By:
Kendra Thinks Sex Tape Made Her a Better Mom

Kendra Wilkinson must be sipping on the good stuff because she actually believes making a sex tape made her a better mom. Reality calling on line 2.

Kendra, who was behind the release of the sex tape, is still claiming she's "hurt" and "upset" about the video being "leaked," but thinks that in the long run it'll help her and Hank be better parents.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest for ‘E! News’, Kendra said: "Now that this happened, it hurts, but I know it's going to make me and Hank better parents.

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

"It's really going to make us teach our child what's right and wrong in this world. We're going to make sure our son is raised with a good head on his shoulders, a person that has morals, that treats women with respect."

She also cleared up rumors that they're going to have another child to save their marriage, "That is such cr*p...We're not going to have kids just because a sex tape came out. That's just stupid."

While we're all for teaching kids right from wrong, something that Dina Lohan clearly never did, Kendra was behind her own sex tape!! If she thought it was so “wrong,” she shouldn't have brokered the deal herself!