Kendra Poses for Playboy

November 9, 2010 By:
Kendra Poses for Playboy

Kendra Wilkinson was dyyyyyying to get naked for the new issue of Playboy, but after a nasty argument with her hubby Hank she decided to keep her clothes on.

But she still managed to get what she wanted, the cover of the December issue of Playboy, only it's not a recent photo. And when I say not recent I mean pre Hank Jr. But she also appears in an 8-page nude pictorial inside the magazine, which features never-before-seen photos.

Kendra: Why I Left Hank

"Hey guys! So I wanted to clear something up really quick! A lot of you saw on my show that I was struggling to decide whether to pose for Playboy again or not. I AM on the December cover of Playboy but it wasn’t from a recent shoot," she wrote on her website.

"The photos are from a shoot I did 2 years ago when I was still living in the mansion. I’m flattered to be on the cover again and as you all know Playboy has a very special place in my heart! I just wanted you guys to know I didn’t recently pose."

So two year old photos that were photoshopped heavily are now on the cover of the new Playboy. They may be old, but she looks damn good on the cover, so we'll give Mama Kendra a pass this time.