Kendra Moving Back to California

October 13, 2009 By:
Kendra Moving Back to California

Kendra Wilkinson's days on the east coast didn’t last for long. For one, her husband Hank Baskett got let go from the Philadelphia Eagles. But he quickly got picked up by the Indianapolis Colts.

Kendra tells E!, "It's such a tease, because I want to be settled. It's his job. It was really hard on him when the Eagles released him. I'm here to be his backbone, and though it's hard on me, I didn't want to make it hard on him."

But Kendra says the other footballers’ wives on the Colts have welcomed her with open arms. She says she’s attending a ladies' lunch at Peyton Manning's house on Wednesday.

"They've all been very sweet so far," says Kendra. "My first game was two weeks ago, and they were all really, really nice."

But Kendra says that come February, she’s heading back out west, and buying a new home so she, Hank, and their new baby can be settled! And her first order of business is to keep the pesky paparazzi at bay.

She says, "Consider me a mama grizzly bear. I'm definitely not going to put up with TMZ s--t at all. If I'm trying to get somewhere and I have my baby, trust me, I will attack."