Kendra to Make Millions From Sex Tape

May 19, 2010 By:
Kendra to Make Millions From Sex Tape

Kendra Wilkinson shamelessly tried to sell her own sex tape and now that it's in the hands of Vivid Entertainment, she's set to make bank off the tape.

Kendra will reportedly pocket $3 million dollars from the X-rated film, which is set to air online in the next week. She “could get 20 percent of the profits and make $3.2 million easily.”

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

But here's the catch, if she takes the money she's risking losing future endorsement deals.

“Kendra wants it both ways. She wants the money but at the same time wants to pretend she is horrified about the release of the tape,” a source said.

“Kendra knows there is a lot of money she can make being a celebrity mom, endorsing all sorts of baby products. The last thing she wants is to frighten these brands away, yet at the same time $3 million is a lot of money.”

Well you can't have your cake and eat it too! We all already know she's behind the sex tape so she might as well take that $3 million. What do you guys think? Do you think differently of Kendra knowing she's behind her own sex tape?