Kendra: I Send Hank Naked Photos of Myself

October 28, 2010 By:
Kendra: I Send Hank Naked Photos of Myself

Kendra Wilkinson knows what her hubby Hank Baskett likes--and she's not afraid to give it to him.

Kendra admits she likes to keep their marriage alive by sending Hank some x-rated photos of herself when they're not together.

Kendra Moves to LA Without Hank

She told People magazine: "We definitely keep things spicy even though we're not together in person. We know how to keep things fresh, romantic and sexy.

"There's Skype, yeah, that's definitely our number one. We also have our Blackberries. This morning, Hank woke up to a surprise text. Let me tell you, sending a naked picture to my husband definitely keeps him going!”

Kendra just loooooves getting naked. Between Playboy and her "leaked" sex tape, who hasn't seen her naked?