Kendra Has No Love For Hef's New Twins

October 28, 2008 By:
Kendra Has No Love For Hef's New Twins

It's safe to say Kendra Wilkinson is not happy about Hugh Hefner's new girlfriends moving into the mansion. When asked about the new twins, she went off!

Kendra said: “There will only be original Girls Next Door. We built this show. We worked our butts off to be here. Now these girls are coming in afterwards, which I have no problem with. But we’ve made this for them, and I’d appreciate it if they’d be a little bit more thankful… I don’t feel like they’re thankful.”

After getting the evil eye from her publicist, Kendra joked, "My publicist is listening and getting mad at me, so I can't open my mouth anymore."

Check out the interview with 'The Girls Next Door' below. Kendra chimes in at about 2:15.