Kendra Exposed: She Has More Than One Sex Tape

May 7, 2010 By:
Kendra Exposed: She Has More Than One Sex Tape

Damn Kendra Wilkinson really love the cameras. Aside from filming two reality shows, she's also reportedly filmed multiple sex tapes.

We know for certain that there's one sex tape already in the hands of Vivid Entertainment and that the CEO plans on releasing it by the end of the month, but according to documents, the sex tape is referred to in plural terms. Naughty naughty!

Kendra Tried Releasing Her Own Sex Tape

Documents from 2008, obtained exclusively by Radaronline, map out an agreement between Wilkinson and her team about shopping the intimate footage. And the documents referenced the explicit video material in plural terms, confirming that more than one tape was created. Multiple references in the document refer to "the Tapes."

While Kendra is crying up a storm about the tapes and has hired a big shot attorney to attempt to stop the release of them, according to Radaronline, she was shopping the tapes around herself!

They claim Kendra was shopping around the tapes almost a year and a half ago, right after she got engaged to now husband Hank Baskett. She supposedly recently had a change of heart about releasing the tape now that she's a mother, but it's too late.

Guess her bad judgments...and sex skills are about to catch up with her. Kendra Exposed should the net within the next few weeks.