Kendra Defends Her Post-Game Tears

February 8, 2010 By:
Kendra Defends Her Post-Game Tears

Kendra Wilkinson has been all over the news today after the paparazzi cameras caught her bawling while leaving the Super Bowl. We were all quick to assume her tears were because her husband Hank Baskett and the Indianapolis Colts had just lost to the New Orleans Saints.

But that wasn’t the case! Kendra took to her Twitter to defend her emotional exit from the stadium, saying, “I wasn't cryin cuz of the damn game it's cuz the paparazzi have no soul..they wouldn't leave me n family alone!!!!”

To Kendra’s defense, the photo everyone is talking about depicts her carrying her son Hank Jr., who is just a couple months old! The poor woman was probably scared of the paps being so close to him, even with a bodyguard standing by.

Kendra followed up with another tweet that read: “people like to twist this stuff..we asked them to stop cuz of the baby n they were way too close n they didn't care at allllllll.”

We feel bad for Kendra! We’re sure the loss didn’t help her mood either. Just another example of how pushy those paps can be.