Kendra Apologizes To Hugh Hefner

January 18, 2009 By:
Kendra Apologizes To Hugh Hefner

Last week Kendra Wilkinson gave a surprisingly candid interview regarding her life with Hugh Hefner and the mansion. She said a lot of things but one of the main things that stood out from the interview was that she would sneak away from the mansion to have sex.

Naturally, she regrets most of the things she said during her US Weekly interview so she wants to send her apologies to Hef.

"I'm more upset at myself with what I said," Wilkinson told E! News. "I'm really bad at interviews and anyone who knows me knew I meant no harm. I'm a goofball."

"I said that I snuck sex every now and then, and I can't take that back," Wilkinson said.

Obviously she knows she can't take what she said back but she wants to send her sincerest apologies. "I'm very sorry to have hurt Hef," she said. "Playboy made me who I am, and Hef has done more for me than anyone else. In my heart, I will always love Hef and Playboy."

When we first read the interview, the first thing that went through our mind is that she was wrong for bashing Hef and the mansion because she would have been a nobody if it wasn't for Hef. We're glad she now realizes that as well because it's not too smart to bite that hands that have fed her all these years.