Kelsey to Camille: Screw You, I'm Getting Married!

January 14, 2011 By:
Kelsey to Camille: Screw You, I'm Getting Married!

Kelsey Grammer is so determined to give half his money away again to marry new girlfriend Kayte Walsh, he's willing to do just about anything to get Camille Grammer out of his life.

"Kayte’s my new girl, and we’re planning to get married soon," he said on Thursday's Late Show with David Letterman. "Sometime in February."

Not if Camille has anything to do with it! Camille has asked a judge to deny Kelsey’s request to dissolve their marriage so he can't marry his girlfriend.

She said in the Superior Court filing that it’s "solely for the reason that he intends to remarry as soon as possible. I do not believe his is a sufficient reason to prejudice my rights to the community estate, especially given the large and complex nature of our estate."

But Kelsey, like an anxious little girl, is apparently not going to let Camille get in the way of his upcoming wedding. What's the rush fool? I really hope someone talks some sense into this guy ASAP. And someone get started on that prenup!