Kelsey Grammer's Divorce Costing Him $50 Million

December 28, 2010 By:
Kelsey Grammer's Divorce Costing Him $50 Million

It’s painful to hear about high-profile celebrities who are stupid enough to get married without getting a pre-nup.

And that’s exactly what’s happening with Kelsey Grammer and his skanky ex-wife Camille Grammer.

According to TMZ, their divorce is costing him $50 million—he is literally handing over half of his fortune to her.

Kelsey Grammer in a Hurry to Give Away Half His Fortune Again

Because there was no pre-nup in place, Camille gets exactly half. Apparently she’s a pretty savvy business woman underneath all those fillers and hair extensions.

A source says of their finances, "They made a lot of smart decisions. They were really a good team."

Besides all that money, Kelsey and Camille are dividing up their properties all over the country. They have homes in the Holmby Hills area of L.A., Malibu, Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado.

And it sounds like this is the divorce that keeps on giving—apparently Frasier will continue to make money off syndication for years to come. So Camille will make even more money!

It just doesn’t seem fair! But Kelsey just seems like he wants to be done with this so he can focus on his new life and be as far away from Camille as possible.

She may have been a handy business-woman wifey back in the day, but what an embarrassment she’s become!