Kelsey Grammer Rushing to the Altar This Month

February 1, 2011 By:
Kelsey Grammer Rushing to the Altar This Month

Kelsey Grammer is in a serious rush to the altar. We still can’t figure out his obsession to get married so quickly when his divorce from Camille Grammer isn’t even official yet.

According to People, Kelsey is getting married this month in New York City.

He and his new love Kayte Walsh aren’t telling anyone the location of the nuptials, but if it’s in NYC, you better believe the paps will find them.

Judge Grants Kelsey a Divorce

A source says to the mag, "It's going to be beautiful.”

Wow. Shocking. A celebrity wedding….beautiful?!

Kelsey Grammer Invites Ex-Wife to Wedding

Hope they’re saving the wedding for the end of the month, since next week is Kelsey’s hearing with Camille in which he’ll ask a judge to stamp a big fat VOID on their marriage.

All we do know is that it’ll be a small wedding, and the bride is wearing sparkly Louboutins—cuz we saw her pick ‘em out!

Please do us all a big fave Kelsey—if you really are getting your own reality show, keep this day off of it. Have a little pride!