Kelsey Grammer Returning to TV

January 7, 2009 By:
Kelsey Grammer Returning to TV

Some actors are just work horses! Kelsey Grammer, even after his decades on television, is heading back to primetime.

It’s a little surprising, given his major health scare earlier this year. But some people just love to work, and Kelsey seems like one of them.

He’s reportedly inked a deal to star in a half-hour pilot about a corporate tycoon who loses his job and attempts to reconnect with his family. Sounds like what’s happening in real life all over the country right now!

According to Variety, the executive producer from Everybody Loves Raymond is writing the pilot, and Grammer will also be an executive producer on the show.

You can’t complain about that gig! And Raymond was always at the top of the ratings, so we may have a good new show on our hands!