Kelsey Grammer and Wife: No Prenup!

July 14, 2010 By:
Kelsey Grammer and Wife: No Prenup!

Kelsey Grammer's typically a smart guy. He was the highest paid actor on television at one point and made a fortune off of Frasier, but believe it or not, he was dumb enough to marry Camille without a prenup.

Kelsey married Camille four years after Frasier went on air and by the time the series wrapped he was making $1.6 million an episode.

According to TMZ, Kelsey has already asked that his earnings from Frasier be declared separate property, but the property request only covers the first 4 years. Sorry Kels, should have gotten a prenup!

His earnings for the remaining 7 years, as well as much of the syndication money, will be considered community property. L.A. based family law attorney Paulette Gharibian tells Hollyscoop the “sweat and equity” during the period following their "I do" is considered community property.

Gharibian added, "First he’ll be required to pay spousal support -which will take into account income from all sources, including any TV episodes he’s appeared in during the marriage, as well as royalties, etc. He’s also on the hook for intangible property rights, such as for example publishing rights...without a prenup she stands to gain millions, even in the case of a short term marriage."

Basically because Kelsey and Camille were married for over 13 years, she's going to make bank off this divorce.