Did Kelsey Grammar Really Take His Baby to the Playboy Mansion?

October 29, 2012 By:
Did Kelsey Grammar Really Take His Baby to the Playboy Mansion?

In the world of raunchy gatherings and all night whiskey sprees there are two rules: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and never take a baby to the Playboy mansion.

Kelsey Grammer reportedly broke one of these sacred party commandments over the weekend, showing up to the Hugh Hefner’s horn dog dwelling with his three-month-old daughter. But, according to one partygoer, the baby was nowhere to be seen.

Hollyscoop spoke with Kelsey Marcella, a Hollywood makeup artist that goes by the name of @KelseyMarcella on Twitter, about what was really going on at the scene. And, from her perspective, the baby was nowhere to be found.

We know that Marcella was actually at the party and around the “Boss” actor because she tweeted an Instagram photo of them together in costume from the night.

"We have the same name so I wanted to take a picture with him, he was really nice and sweet. He joked about that fact we had the same name,” says Marcella.

In the shot, Kelsey and Kelsey stand close to each other and smile for the camera, seemingly jacked up on the life and good times that only a place like the Playboy mansion can provide. 

“I didn't even see a baby with him, or nearby where he was...when I went up to him he was with a few other girls,” adds Marcella. “To my knowledge I did not see the baby anywhere around him."

The baby bash rumors first sparked when playmate Melissa May tweeted, “Why the fk does Kelsey Grammer have a newborn baby at the mansion party!?!?!?”’’

TMZ reported shortly after that a partygoer pinned the actor and his daughter Faith to the scene at a table next to Paris Hilton.

So, if we are to assume that all accounts are accurate, then Grammer showed up to the party with Faith, partied with Paris, and was somehow able to ditch the kid before meeting Marcella.

It’s all a little too bizarre to believe. But then again it is the Playboy mansion.